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3289Credit piggybacking is a form of credit sharing where a beneficiary is able to ‘inherit’ good credit.

Our credit sharing program works by matching up credit card holders with individuals who are looking to raise their credit scores. We serve as the intermediary, thus allowing for complete privacy of your information. Our system makes it impossible for the authorized users to access the credit or have any impact on the primary cardholder. The authorized users never receives a card and they cannot obtain any information from the issuing bank because they know nothing about the identity of the primary cardholder. Our credit boost clients are typically those who are victims of a somewhat flawed system rather than overextended consumers who simply did not pay their bills. The credit reporting system is loaded with inaccuracies and we provide a means to help the consumer get a leg up.

Part of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act mandates that the credit bureaus are required to treat authorized users the same as the primary cardholder when it comes to data reporting. Because of this, you are completely within your legal bounds to choose who you wish to add to your credit as an authorized user. There is no law that dictates who you can or cannot put on your credit cards and whether or not you can charge a fee to do so.   – Do You Qualify?  /  619-800-4311


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